Anyone with a desire to paint outside may join us each Saturday morning.

To get started, show up at the designated meeting point. If you see someone wearing a black hat with the PAPC logo on it, introduce yourself. There is no formal check in. Choose a location in the vicinity of our meeting point to paint, then go for it. Be mindful to clean up after yourself and dispose of your chemicals and paints responsibly (take them home). Meet back at the designated meeting point at Noon-ish for critique.

For more practical information, including a brief introduction to the PAPC, please click the "FAQ" link above.

Meet Martha, Location Manager

The location manager for the weekly PAPC paintouts selects sites and posts location information every week on our website. Since May 2011, our location manager, Martha Stevens, has been sending us to scenic Chicago spots to capture that elusive plein air light. Martha started painting with the PAPC group in 2008. She feels that the weekly outdoor painting challenge offers a great way to improve your painting technique. If you have a location that would make a great painting, Martha wants to hear about it. Email: locale411@gmail.com. Or let her know at one of our outings.


Please visit the Facebook page for the Plein Air Painters of Chicago to see our locations (https://www.facebook.com/groups/37485927294/?fref=ts). You will received notices on our locations if you join the Facebook page for the Plein Air Painters of Chicago. You can also find a link to our location through the website for the Palette and Chisel (www.paletteandchisel.org).

The Plein Air Painters of Chicago is now part of the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts. Please email fineart1012@sbcglobal.net for information on membership, etc.

Paint Out: Sat. Oct. 18, Belmont Harbor / 9am to 12pm.

For the urban painters among us:
Meet at north side of harbor for good views of skyline looking south. Bring your orange for the leaves. :^) )

See you there.

Paint out Sat, Oct. 11th, Andersonville / Edgewater, 9am until????

As most of you regulars already know:
this coming Sat. and Sun. we will be painting in Edgewater/

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