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"Adobo" by Leslie Outten"Rooftops of Oldtown" by Steve Slaske"Midwest Buddist Temple" by Leslie Outten"Green in Old Town" by Leslie Outten"Fern & Eugenie" by Steve Slaske"Old Town" by Steve Slaske"Hard Winter" by Pablo Saban"1838 Lincoln Park West" by Mort Luby"Sedgwick and Wisconsin" by Mort Luby"1942 Sedgwick" by Mort Luby"Angelo's" by Bill Gram"Fall, Green City Market" by Bill Gram"Pumpkins, Green City Market" by Bill Gram"Yellow Door " by Stephanie Weidner"Wells St. House - Do Not Enter" by Stephanie Weidner"St. Michael's" by Don Yang"Fern Court:" by Barbara Herring"St. Michael's" by Barbara Herring"Yellow House" by Barbara Herring"Old Town Doorway" by Jill Zylke

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