Historic Pullman Garden Club invites Plein Air Artists to Annual Garden Walk, Sat. June 16

Mark your calendars for the Pullman Garden Walk on Sat., June 16th, 10 to 4pm.
Linda B. writes: For several years we have included music and art in our garden walk with great success and we would love to have your group participate this year.  For those in your group who may be unfamiliar with George Pullman and the Pullman Historic District, I recommend taking a look at our website at www.pullman-museum.org or the Garden Club's website at www.hpgc.org.  We are a City, State, and National Historic Landmark with picturesque 19th century rowhouses, the Greenstone Church, the Hotel Florence and the Pullman Factory Clocktower complex.  The Historic Pullman Garden Club maintains a number of beautiful gardens throughout the neighborhood. The Annual Garden Walk usually hosts 6 to 8 private gardens open to the public as well as Arcade Park, Pullman Park, Gateway Gardens and the Pullman Allee.  We would love to have members of your group in some of the private gardens as well as the public gardens, and along the Walk route where ever they may find the scenery suitable. 

More details to follow via email on this exciting event!!!

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