Paint Out: Sat. June 16, Pullman Historic District Garden Walk, 10am until 4pm

We will be painting on the streets of Pullman during the Garden Walk. Pullman is bounded by

111th St. to 115th St. and Cottage Grove east to Langley.

If you have not already registered call Linda at 773-660-2341 or email: sleeping cars [at sign] sbc global dot net. She has info about selling your work at the boutique.

Check in at the Pagoda Umbrella when you arrive for directions to the display gardens.

There will be refreshments and lunch (pulled pork sandwiches, salads, etc.) for sale during the walk. Also there is a McDonalds and Cal-Harbour Grill on 115th St.and the

And, I am told, the area has FREE Parking! Hoo-ray!

Here's one of the views:

The Garden Walk web page is here;

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