Tennis Strategies for Bettors

Tennis sports betting strategies are very popular among beginners who are just studying the world of betting as well as among experienced betters. Despite the fact that not a single strategy will give a 100% guarantee that all bets will win, many of them bring profit in the medium or long term. In order to bet on tennis, you need to study all the main features of this sport, analyze all the available data and tennis betting odds. The betting lines of tennis betting are different from the lines of football, hockey and similar sports. Here you can bet on the result of games, total games and many other outcomes.

Game Betting Strategies

A game betting strategy is one of the varieties of catch-up, and is not recommended for beginners. As you know, in the set, athletes serve in turn: in the first game, the first tennis player serves, in the second - the second, and so on.

The strategy of the games is to bet on the victory of the serving tennis player. Statistics say that athletes in most cases win their innings, even in a game with the strongest opponents. In order for the tennis betting strategy to work, it’s important to choose the right matches. Tennis players should have a different level, while it’s stupid to bet on a novice as opposed to the first racket of the world. Optimum - if one of the rivals is a strong middle peasant, the other goes to the championship title.

Set Betting Strategies

One of the leading strategies of this type is the betting system for winning the third set. Bets are made live, and two conditions must be met:

  • Opponents should be approximately equal.
  • The difference in the odds of winning at the beginning of the match should not exceed 0.60.

If the tennis players are approximately equal, and the first set ends with a solid victory for one of them, the bookmakers abruptly change the odds, overestimating the winner of the first set. Accordingly, quotes for the victory of his opponent are growing. The essence of the strategy is as follows: if, according to the results of the first set, the odds of winning one of the tennis players are less than 1.15-1.20, we bet against him. When the quotes begin to grow, and the numbers return to the pre-match indicators, we bet “for”.

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